Why Talk to Me

Our Mission

  • To celebrate human diversity and equality
  • To recognise individual creativity and freedom of expression
  • To better understand our own talents and how to share them across cultures
  • To enhance cultural understanding amongst NZ young adults

These goals are vital if we are to play our part in creating a better, more secure and peaceful world; for you, for me and for all of us!

Why Talk To Me?

As New Zealand society becomes more diverse and the ethnic make-up of its population changes, we all now, more than at any other time in history, need to be aware of differences in values, expectations and practices when communicating across cultures. The international character of our country imposes on all of us competencies such as the ability to deal with different cultures and values.

The nature of young people is daring and adventurous. Giving them, giving you the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from other religions and cultures would be very fruitful. This is a necessary first step towards a New Zealand future and the future of global coexistence.

As the next generation connects to issues of peace, justice and sustainability it is time to hear their voices, your voice: It’s why: Talk To Me!

We would like to create an open space, seen as an opportunity for young people from various cultures, faiths and no-faith to get to know each other, share their vision, hopes and dreams for New Zealand and for the world. We would like to begin the cross cultural movement of young people through listening, sharing and networking with each other. Young people are the life blood of nations and our collective futures depend on them. It is why we need to hear their visions, your vision, needs and creative works, and celebrate the diversity of expressions, practices, and experiences found in the world’s cultures.

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