Judging Process

The ‘rough’ submissions will be judged on the strength of the ideas and the creative way they will be presented. From these initial ‘rough’ presentations judges will select the top ten presentations.

The top ten entrants will be notified and will have not less than two weeks to complete and polish their presentations. The top ten submissions will be presented in person at the judging Friday evening – five presentations, July 6th and Saturday morning July 7th – five presentations. These judging sessions will be open to the public and will take place at the St Heliers Community Centre.

The distinguished judges will have no prior knowledge of the entrants nor their submissions.

This means that the ten students or groups who face the arduous task of perfecting and refining their presentations will have a good chance of success – 10 contributions pursuing 4 substantial prizes.

These rough presentations can be sent by email or drop box. If any of these are difficult, call us and we will help you find the best way for sending your material.

Submissions will be kept private and secure to ensure that others do not see your idea and copy.

Technical support will be available so that PowerPoint and/or video presentations can be screened.

When it comes to the weekend’s judging, technical support will be available so that PowerPoint, and/or video presentations can be screened and sound effects etc added if required. We will contact each of the ten finalists to ascertain their technical support requirements and will conduct a technical rehearsal with them prior to the presentation for judging.

Every person and/or group who enters the competition will receive a certificate of acknowledgment suitable for inclusion in a Curriculum Vitae (CV).