Easy Entry

Update 2 – May 9, 2018 – More details on the process

New Closing Date for Submissions. Midnight Friday, June 8

Submitting your entry – the format – easier than you think!

To enter, your submission can be a Draft or ‘Rough’.

‘Rough’ presentation. Rather like an architect’s concept sketch as opposed to the finished plans.

These ‘rough’ submissions will be judged on the strength of the ideas and the creative way they will be presented. From these initial ‘rough’ presentations judges will select the top ten presentations.

Rough presentations can be sent by email or drop box. If any of these are difficult, call us and we will help you find the best way for sending your material.

Submissions will be kept private and secure to ensure that others do not see your idea and copy.

For the preliminary selection, we require some way of viewing each ‘rough’ submission. We suggest that each presenter record something of their presentation (not the whole thing) on a video clip – cell-phone video is fine. The aim here is to give us some idea as to how the presenters and the presentation will look. If we have any queries we will contact you. We are asking for these ‘rough’ (unfinished submissions) as we realise that the final, polished presentation even though it is not more than six minutes, could require a lot of work.