About Us

The Talk to Me project was conceived in 2014 as a Centenary Year Project for the St Heliers Presbyterian Church (founded in 1914).

The aim was to gather young people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, faiths and no faith for the purpose talking to each other, building friendships and sharing hopes and dreams for the future. All opinions would be valued and there would be no proselytizing.

The persons who have conceived the project and have driven it ever since is the Rev Stan Stewart  and his wife, the Rev Pauline Stewart. As well as being ministers of the St Heliers Presbyterian Church they are also Directors of the St Heliers Community Centre. It is the St Heliers Community Centre that is the principal sponsor of Talk To Me.

A partner in this project is the Paeroa Carehouse, led by the Director Melanie Budge. The Paeroa Carehouse an innovative community centre whose work is well known in the Paeroa- Thames region. Their interest is education and integration through art and Maori affairs.

Talk to Me was established by

St Heliers Community Centre

St HELIERS CENTRE is a place where people feel welcome and valued, a place for learning, making new friends, and there is opportunity for service to others. You have a great supportive team available to help you achieve goals or simply enjoy an environment that is nurturing and caring.

CareHouse Paeroa

CAREHOUSE committed to bi- and multi cultural activities with a long history of courses, camps and experimental youth and children’s work. Established in Paeroa under the leadership of Melanie Budge the Carehouse has had an infulence through the Waikato

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